TERRAZZO GRANITECH is a patented material, created by VOUTSAS INNOVATIVE MATERIALS to cover a market gap for innovative products. It shares all the advantages of microcement, without any of its drawbacks.

Having worked with microcement since 2009, our company found all its shortcomings. After detailed chemical and engineering study, we finally replaced it with Granitech..

Tested at a specialized laboratory and certified for its endurance over other trowel-applied coating screeds in the market, and an established patent,

 Terrazzo GraniTech is the solution to all long-standing issues craftsmen used to face.

After extensive research, our company partnered with chemists from the National Technical University of Athens to test the application of GraniTech over various substrates. We then submitted a sample to an independent laboratory with European certification standards for the following tests:

Compressive and flexural strength, Liquid water permeability, Thermal conductivity, Thermal expansion, Impact resistance, Anti-slip grade, Pulloff strength, Surface hardness, and Wear resistance. Our product has been certified to be of the highest grade of endurance.

- VOUTSAS INNOVATIVE MATERIALS has patented and produces GraniTech exclusively.

It has been over 5 years since the conception of our material, and numerous experienced craftsmen have already confirmed its advantages over other wall and floor coating screeds on the market.


It is a trowel-applied system made of aggregates and an acrylic resin formula of high mechanical and flexural strength. It has waterproofing capabilities and provides surface protection.


Its color palette includes over 50 colors ranging from earthy and pastel shades to intense and vivid hues. We can create custom colors upon request.


It may be applied indoors over floors, walls, bathrooms, as well as outdoors, as it exhibits high resistance to UV radiation and zero water absorption.


Finally, it has the ability to bridge hairline cracks and withstand substrate movement thanks to its excellent elasticity.