Three generations of craftsmen with extensive knowledge and expertise founded a company that, in under 50 years, has grown from a local business into a globally recognized organization committed to innovation, and it is competing in quality and aesthetics with major companies worldwide.


- VOUTSAS INNOVATIVE MATERIALS is a Greek company offering specialized high-quality construction materials with a product range exceeding 2000 codes. Apart from Greece and Cyprus, we operate throughout the Balkans, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. With export ties in 11 countries and trade relations spanning in 30 countries, it holds a place as one of the most established companies in its field.


- Voutsas Innovative Materials is a Greek construction materials company that offers revolutionary products aiming to meet the highest standards of functionality and design.

Though securing exclusive partnerships with international companies such as SCHLUTER, η EUROSHRINK, η DUPLACH and BAUCER we have rapidly transitioned from a local business to one of the leading Greek companies in the industry within just a few years.

With over 2000 codes in stock, we provide reliable service and high-quality materials to customers across Greece. Furthermore, we have established commercial relations in over 30 countries, which enables smooth export operations throughout the Balkans, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


Our philosophy dictates that nothing should remain stagnant, driving us to keep discovering and creating premium and innovative products.


Drawing from our long-standing experience in construction, we aim not only to provide craftsmen with simple and efficient methods to accomplish highly functional and aesthetic construction results, but to also enhance the quality of everyday life of every recipient, whether in their homes, offices, or any familiar environment.


Everyday we strengthen our credibility and trust with our suppliers, partners, and customers.

We contribute to global innovation and strive for a better world.